Friday, February 17, 2012

"So rid of all your stories"

Today I found myself taking a trip down memory lane. With Bon Iver playing in the background, I can't say a few tears didn't appear here and there but it was still lovely. I have about 5 boxes filled with letters, notes, pictures, concert/ train/ museum/ theater tickets etc. I tend to go through them more than once a year so the contents are pretty much known by heart at this point.

It's hard not to wish for those days to come back.
It's hard not to think that it won't ever be that good again.

On a more cheerful note, here is another one of my favorite Tumblrs. The lovely lady works at Wildfox and that makes me very jealous! Still, the blog is not about clothes or fashion. It mostly consists of the pictures she takes and some questions from curious fans every now and then (more and more lately). I'm not sure what exactly about her pictures makes them so interesting but I always find myself setting them as my desktop background and such. They have that luxurious composition but it's combined with a feeling of something personal and it makes them seem like they're part of a dream( it's easier if you go through her archive).

To continue with another list of favorites (especially since the weekend is here), I'd like to recommend some movies:
  • The Art Of Getting By 
  • Restless
  • Like Crazy
  • Martha Marcy May Marlene
  • Last Night
I'm not really a fan of comedy films, especially if I'm alone. I really like psychological movies. You know, the ones where nothing much happens but you keep watching because you're very interested in the characters. The movies above are something like this. I've seen lots more lately but these were the ones I liked best.

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