Thursday, February 16, 2012

The only thing that's certain is sometimes you're bound to fall. Just keep going on.

Everyone, meet my new favorite blog. Being a big fan on coffee and books, stumbling upon this little corner in the tumblr world was great. All the images have their original sources mentioned and that's another plus.

This lack of sunshine is driving me crazy. Winter seems to still have big plans for us so I'm trying my best to make it bearable. A big help in this sense is this man. Listening to his music as soon as I wake up gives me a major boost of energy. I would've said he's a kind of combination between dubstep (here and there in the background) and something indie. The internet classifies him as a soul artist though. I suppose that goes too. He can be a little bit of everything, for all my moods.
At the moment, these two are my favorite songs:



On another note, trying to be a little productive, I started looking for some DIY projects online and I found this crazy idea. Now I feel bad for not being a fan of sodas. I do plan on collecting them from now on and making myself a bracelet. They look great!

And now let me share with you some lovely Flickr inspiration:




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  1. oh, you should share more often your favourite places :).
    good luck with the diy things!
    a.t.'s songs makes me deep, somehow.