Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A little bit of spring ♥


  1. i miss spring a lot, but it breaks my nervs knowing that usually it lasts such little time :(. i wish it could last at least 10 months.

    oh, and concerning what you said about Anna, oh, i wish! her pictures are probably my ideal. but as much as i am trying to play round and round with the lights/contrast/programs i can't make her clean, white photos that i adore!

    1. Oh I know! Spring seems to be the perfect time of year especially when it comes to decorating one's room with flowers! It's slowly getting here though. Daily sunshine is like a miracle after this long winter.

      I like yours just as much. If they were exactly like hers, there would be no originality so this way it's better. Plus, what I like best is the feeling they send out.