Sunday, August 11, 2013

My dear, dear England

These past 2 weeks have been truly amazing!

  • I met my 5 month old niece and she stole my heart completely! 
  • Oxford is one of the loveliest places I've ever been to. From the extremely polite and helpful people, to the architecture (which has grown on me since at first I was not very fond of it), the very healthy and absolutely delicious dishes, the (seemingly) never ending parks and green spaces. It is safe to say I would love to live there one day. 
  • The weather seems to suit me and my bipolar personality quite well. It is really so unpredictable I hardly ever knew what to wear outside the house. 
  • The beauty of charity shops! I could easily build a library full of great books with very little money and the same goes for clothes and jewelry. I must admit that at one point I was spending more time in charity shops than exploring the city. 
  • New good music in my playlist now, thanks to my sister's amazing record collection (Scout Niblett, Cat Power, more David Bowie, Suzanne Vega etc.)
More pictures to come, of course :) Which sadly are not that great since they're all taken with my phone (I was very uninspired and left my camera home).

Scout Niblett - Gun


  1. I love every single one! Oxford is the best isn't it? Makes me want to throw in the towel and buy a Jack Wills wardrobe and cozy up in a library.

    Greta xoxo