Monday, January 7, 2013

Winter sun

We haven't really taken advantage of the winter vacation as well as we should have so now, in the last couple of days, we decided to make the best of our remaining free time. The plan was to wake up early, make coffee and pack some croissants with Nutella and head off to the beach. Of course, we couldn't get up early so the breakfast turned into a late lunch and according to my Belgian flatmate: "Nutella is only for breakfast or for late dinners" so we just bought some sandwiches from downtown. 
Still, we had a great time. The sun was bright, the wind was blowing like crazy and we had the nicest view in front of us. I keep thinking that there's a chance I'll never have a winter with 25 degrees during the day, so instead of longing for snow, I might as well enjoy this experience. And I'm really starting to like it although palm trees and Christmas lights don't go together in my eyes. 
We had our fun and in the end we made a pinky promise to return to this beautiful place in 3 years :)

And some of my friend's pictures:

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