Saturday, October 20, 2012

I carry your heart with me.

1. Monday morning. Waking up at 6am. After spending some time in my room, getting ready for a long day at uni, I went in the kitchen and found this on the table. I have the cutest flatmates ever. 
2. Recent purchases. Stradivarius denim shirt and knitted jumper. I made the terrible mistake of only bringing summer clothes with me. 2. Daily dose of chocolate & coffee. My flatmate brought Belgian chocolate from home so now this habit got even better. The wrapper has different quotes on the back on every piece :) Mornings here are lovely.

4. Again, coffee and chocolate. We have these cute gatherings in the living room where we eat, drink and plan trips around Spain. 5. Movie night. Hugh Grant movie night. We started off with a lovely dinner and then we enjoyed Bridget Jones's Diary, About a boy and Notting Hill.  We plan on having a Friends marathon soon. 
6. I have fallen in love with E.E.Cummings. I've only recently become a fan of poetry and I owe that to Sylvia Plath. Everything is new so I get to be absolutely delighted by a few stanzas every day. 7. First book for my North American Literature class. Sadly, I just finished it. Luckily, I can start reading the next one. 
8. Days spent at home, doing nothing. Mostly Sundays. After a week of constant running here and there for school, taking care of administrative things, still buying things for the apartment, I get to breathe and spend some time away from everyone in my new room. Small things that remind me of home make it easier to be so far away from everything and everyone I love. 
9. Sometimes we try to spoil ourselves and have a nice meal in town. I'm used mother's cooking so now it's always tempting to simply have some fruit, milk and cereal or other meals that take practically no time to prepare. I have to learn to cook. I have to stop being lazy when it comes to this. 
10. Many, many sleepless nights. While most Erasmus students suffer from the same thing because they're out partying, I'm at home, reading/watching movies/cooking with my flatmates etc. Sometimes I feel  like I'm missing out on something... 11. My phone miraculously started to work, the night before I was planning on going and buying a new one. After one month without it, now I'm always playing with it, putting music and pictures on it. I'm addicted.

12. Local market. The student life deprives me from actually purchasing any cute things. I have to constantly ask myself Do I really need this?! I plan on forgetting that before Christmas. I'll definitely get whatever my heart desires. 
I'm getting used to everything here, so I'm taking it all for granted.
I don't feel like it's the most amazing experience of my life. Sure, I do things and see places I never have before, but I don't have that breathtaking feeling that my heart is about to explode.
I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or if this is how it's supposed to be.

  • I love that I get to improve my English. Especially talking with a British accent. It's bad, but it's better than before. I'm also starting to have dreams in which I'm talking to people in Spanish. My flatmate says that it's normal for this to happen once you spend some time in a foreign country and you constantly have to deal with the language. 
  • It's strange how I feel closer to the people back home now, than I did when I could spend time with them. I appreciate them so much more now and I miss it all terribly. Still, I'm not looking forward to going back in February but I couldn't live here permanently. My life. Always torn between two opposites, never knowing what I truly want. 
  • I'm getting used to the Spanish schedule for meals. Which means having dinner after 11pm. Also, the siesta is becoming a serious daily necessity. 

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  1. Belle journée photo. Elles sont très jolies en tous cas, et tes objets aussi :) Gros bisous !