Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Last of July

In a month from now I'll be in Malaga, desperately searching for an apartment. I still can't believe it's really happening...
Until then, I still have my 'job' and my volunteering work to keep me busy.


  1. may i ask what will you be doing in Malaga?
    i see it's all serious now.
    hope you'll be posting pretty photos from there too :).

    1. I've got a scholarship to study there for one semester :D It's been official for a while but I still don't feel like it's real haha
      I definitely will :D

  2. oh, i just saw your answer now.
    well, you're a lucky girl and you'll be fine and after it will be over you'll be grateful you had the opportunity to make something different.
    i was asking myself while reading you why won't you leave to your relatives, as it could be a better opportunity.
    i am constantly thinking about this too.