Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Lots of snow outside and I'm still stuck at home all day, studying. Luckily, not for long. 
Still, while I'm here, I try my best to add a little something to make the process more pleasant. From incense sticks and whatever else to make my room smell lovely, to numberless cups of coffee and tea, breaks that include movies and TV shows and music to get some energy boosts. It's still hard to get by without a little sunshine (at least every now an then). 

Little surprises during the day seem to help too. My sister wrote me the sweetest e-mail a few days ago and now all I think about is how bad I want to visit her and get to spend a few days together.
Here are a few pictures she sent:

I miss her so!


  1. La première photo est vraiment magnifique !
    Bises, :)

  2. oh, oh, my!
    her place looks so cozy and beautiful and white, exactly my type!
    where does she live?

    you should definitely visit her and photograph the whole place and the whole you around it :).
    and btw, what kind of scents you use? i like that name!
    lately i can't seem to find a pretty one.

    1. She's in England. Oxford to be more precise. She moved there not long ago and I haven't had the chance to visit her so far. But soon, hopefully! I'll definitely be taking lots of pictures :)

      Well I'm new at this. I only started being obsessed with incense in December. The one in the picture is a present from my sister; it's called Papier d'Armenie. It's quite different than the usual sticks because the smell is very unique. A kind of mixture between vanilla and wood. Other than this I tried some normal incense sticks (cinnamon and again, something with vanilla, I don't really remember). Now I'm taking a break until spring comes and I'll try some more flowery scents then :)

    2. i was quite sure it was from your sister :).
      i searched for papier d'armenie here too or on-line, but they deliver only to France and here in Ro, well, the only site with baby products who seems to have it is suspended. great, right?
      i guess pretty things with pretty names always attract me!

      spring must come with cherry blossoms. i wish i'd see and smell them all year long.