Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring... where are you?

Since it was the 13th I suppose I should've seen this coming...

My weekend has practically started and I do have plenty of work for next week. 2 major presentations and then hello Easter vacation! My best friend is coming next Wednesday and I haven't been looking forward to anything but that :]
As soon as I got home today I started cooking. I might show you the results if they don't turn out catastrophic. For the rest of the day I plan on taking a long nap and then delight myself with a few movies.

This week I discovered the most delicious ice cream in the world! It's like a little frozen bit of Heaven <3

Slowly filling the pages to my little notebook...

Slowly letting myself get "addicted" to coffee again. All kinds, any time of the day... coffee is on my mind.

Bon Iver - Woods

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