Thursday, February 10, 2011

03.02 - 10.02

My friend from Austria came to visit me this week. I was there last summer for two weeks and it was absolutely fabulous! Now it was time that I was the host :] 
She got me lots of cute stuff. She always does! 

Well before she got here my week was quite hectic. I had the biggest exam coming up so I was stressed about that. It went very well and I was happy that my hard work finally payed off. I had a few days that were calm and uneventful so I decided to clean my closet a little bit. I found a great shirt I bought when I was in England 2 years ago. I rarely wore it out of the house so I suppose that's why I forgot about it. Brought back some lovely memories :D I still only wear it around the house mainly because it's quite large and I have a hard time finding some nice items to match it with. 

My favorite item was this lovely top from Zara. What I like the most about it is that it's incredibly soft and comfortable. Although you can't really see it in the picture, there are these lovely little birds on it :D I like that it's gray which can be quite plain, but the birds add a little colors here and there. 

So that was the biggest gift. I'm a fan of small, useful ones so that's what I got next! When I stayed with her last year, I kept on going about how nice her soap smells haha. It's quite a unique one and I haven't been able to find anything similar where I live so she thought it would make me happy if she brought me some! And it did :D I keep smelling it like it's a drug! The lip balm is fantastic. It doesn't really smell like cherries which makes it even better cause I'm not really into that. 

We watched a lot of movies together because the weather wasn't nice enough to let us go outside much. It was good though cause we had a lot of fun! 

The next few days were a little less eventful which let me have some time to play around with my moleskine. 

I'm new in the arts area so I know they're not much but they still mean something to me. I always kept small things from trips and such cause I wanted little memories from everywhere! Now I finally decided to put it all together in one place so that's why I started working on this. I still have a long way to go but there's no hurry.

Another new item in my room is this wonderful book. It's full of photographs of exactly what the title says: Daily Life. I've never heard of Antanas Stukus before. You can also see my 2 favorite pictures in the whole book. They're all quite similar but at the same time terribly different from one another. 

Tomorrow I have my last exam and then I have 2 weeks of vacation. Finally! I've been already working on a list of things I want to do then and it's slowly getting quite long. Now that spring is here I can finally get out of the house more :] 

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