Thursday, January 27, 2011

I can't even say I've been giving it my best. I did study. They kind of study that mostly consists of daydreaming and long coffee breaks. Call a friend, see how they're doing. Taking naps and waking up not knowing where you are or what day it is. That kind of studying. And still, it payed off... so far.
She tells me not to underestimate myself, that this is just a phase I'm supposed to get over as quickly as possible. I would love it if she was right. But I keep wondering, what if I would've gotten what I wanted? Things would be so different than they are now... but would I be happy? Would I be doing half of the things they expect me to do now? Would there be any sorts of rewards?
"It's a law: no matter how much you have, you keep wanting more." People usually have very annoying conversations on the public transport. Those are the moments in which I truly appreciate the value of an IPod.  But today I overheard someone saying that. How sad is it that we're never satisfied with what we get? There's always something better (optimism?). But there's always something worse too (pessimism?).

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